What is Interactive Video and How To Use It?

Dec 2019

With a majority of businesses incorporating video into their marketing campaigns, the various types of video continue to emerge. One of those video types if interactive video. 

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What Is Interactive Video?

Interactive video allows viewers to interact first-hand with the video. Viewers can click, drag, scroll, hover, gesture and any other digital cues to interact with the content. This type of video creates an immersive user experience in an effort to build a personal connection between the consumer and business. In recent years, this video marketing style has shown to be effective and engaging. 70% of marketers said interactive video engages audiences “well” or “very well,” while 68% of marketers believe it will continue to become a key marketing strategy


Why Is It Effective?

This compelling style of video works for several reasons. It immediately allows a user to become part of the experience and your business’s story. When was the last time you interacted with a video on a kiosk or your mobile device? Pretty fun, right? That’s the power of interactive video! It’s engaging, entertaining, immersive, and immediately pulls the user into the content in a creative way. 


How Can You Use It?

So now that you understand what it is and why it’s the marketing tactic to watch in 2020, I’m sure you want to know how to kick it into gear! Here are a few ways you can incorporate interactive video into your marketing strategy:

  • Quizzes: Much like the polls we use on social media, video quizzes are a quick way to encourage interaction from your audience. Video quizzes combine buttons and branching to provide an assessment and tailored analysis at the end of the video.
  • 360 views: These are very entertaining! 360 view videos give users the ability to drag the screen within a video frame to see in all directions. This is great for parks, resorts, complex products, and more.
  • Branches: Branches are the various paths a user can take to control and customize the content they see like a “choose your own adventure” story. You may have seen this in gaming apps, but it can also be used in online video content!
  • Data inputs: These are form fields where a user can enter their information. This is an excellent tool to capture information such as name, age, email, etc for lead generation and audience profile campaigns.
  • Hotspots: Hotspots are the clickable areas within a video that can either redirect viewers to a separate web page or even reveal more content directly within the video.

23% of marketers have used interactive video. Of those, 83% say it has been successful, which is an increase from the 78% who said the same in 2018.

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