What is Facebook Home?

Apr 2013

Social media has many caveats.  With frequent updates and resurfacing content, social media changes rapidly.  Be sure to keep up on the most pressing and intriguing issues to help you master the art of social media.  Using social media is one thing but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news.


Facebook-homeThe “Facebook Phone” is finally here, but it’s not what you think. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new way to integrate its network on Android devices. Called Facebook Home, it represents a rethinking of how Facebook exists on Android phones, Zuckerberg said, putting people first instead of apps.  What is Facebook home.



Consumer behavior has become much more accustomed to consuming the news they want as it happens.  The Wall Street Journal is trying to be much more in line with real-time news and real-time publishing.  To accomplish this the WSJ has developed a new video recording app to get their reports on board with shooting video news. Read the full story.


hashtag1-ccDo you find hashtag searches useful on Twitter?  Do you think there is such thing as over saturating tweets with hashtags?  Think about this, during Super Bowl Sunday the hashtag #SuperBowl was sent out 5 million times over a few hours.  Oftentimes hashtags are overwhelming in quantity and underwhelming in quality.  Are hashtags useful?


After the demise of Google Reader, SEO Moz has decided to rise to the challenge. Moz Reader is the answer. Having many similar features to Google Reader, the Moz reader can be your new trusted source for news, content or what have you. Moz Reader.




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