What Are Facebook Reels?

Nov 2021

Facebook ReelsEveryone is talking about the newest social media addition, Facebook Reels. With the recent growth in popularity from TikTok, Facebook has been trying its hand in creating a similar video creation tool for its platform. As of September 29, 2021, Facebook Reels are live. Discover what features can benefit your business.

Facebook Reels Top Features

Facebook Reels consist of videos up to 30 seconds long that can be shared with your audience. These videos contain music, audio, and special effects. Although the Facebook organization did previously release reels on Instagram, Facebook Reels now open more doors for creators and audiences on both channels.

Expand Your Facebook Reach

The great thing about reels is they can reach everyone on the channel, not just your followers. Platform users can discover these videos based on their interests and what’s popular at the top of their newsfeeds, in rooms, and in a dedicated reels feed section. The more captivating your videos are, the more your audience will view them and come back to your profile to learn more about your business.

Connect in Groups

Another great way to share your reels is through groups. If your page is a member of several industry groups, consider creating a reel to share with that audience. Not only will it help create an engaging conversation, but it will also show a more human side of your business. Your video can feature virtually anything that you think would be applicable to these group members. If you are an admin of a group, Facebook has also announced it will be rolling out a “Single Theme” group setting that will allow you to prompt group members to also share their reels. Using reels in these groups is a great way to grow the community surrounding your industry and brand.

Share Instagram Reels on Facebook

One of the biggest benefits creators and businesses can experience from Facebook Reels is resharing their Instagram Reels content. This platform crossover ability makes it easier than ever to maximize the reach of your videos. Facebook has not released this full ability to all users yet, but will likely be opening it up to everyone in the near future.

Explore Immersive Ads

Facebook Reels can help you take your ad game to a whole new level. Facebook is testing expanding immersive ads to reels. This feature currently exists on Instagram and allows small business owners and brands to connect with their audiences in creative ways. This can be a very cost-effective and successful way to connect with your ideal audience and tell your story authentically.

Facebook Reels are the new addition to your social media marketing toolbox. Your business can take advantage of the popularity surrounding this new tool as well. Creating attractive reels starts with understanding who your audience is and what they need from your business. Then, you can use your creativity to deliver a video that converts Facebook users into customers. 

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