Are Virtual Watch Parties the Way of the Future? | Social Media Help Desk Episode 25

Aug 2018

Would you log on to watch your favorite YouTube videos in “virtual reality?” Well according to this week’s Social Media Help Desk, YouTube would like you to log in and see it! This week, KWSM President, Katie Wagner, led the Social Media Help Desk panel with guests Taylor Glaze and Alexandra Hall to discuss how to read social media analytics, ways to improve customer experience on your website, and of course, the current social media topics tending this week.


This week, we turned things around with a new format. Katie and the panel started off the discussion with news coming out of YouTube. YouTube is rolling out the YouTube VR app, which lets you watch and discuss videos with others in a communal, virtual space. Similar to Facebook Watch Parties, YouTube strives to create a community around entertainment with this new capability. The team also discussed Instagram’s takeover of Snapchat with Instagram reaching 300 million monthly active users compared to Snapchat’s 33 million. The third topic of discussion revolved around Facebook’s new mentorship group feature. Alexandra explained that her involvement in Facebook groups regularly interests her in the new feature, while Taylor remained hesitant about Facebook’s ability to match mentors and mentees.


Following the discussion on trending news, Taylor broke down exactly how business owners can gather and analyze their social media analytics. The discussion centered around reach, impressions, and engagement are some of the most important numbers to pay attention to each month in order to accurately track your social media efforts online. By keeping a record of your social media progress, you can assess your return on investment and better scale your campaigns moving forward.


Alexandra turned the attention towards customer experience on your website. She explained the design is one of the first things users will notice about your site which will influence their opinion of your company. If you’re in need of a modern makeover, you’ll see the customer experience reflected in your monthly sales. Navigation and innovation are also equally as important when it comes to how easily a customer can get the information they need for you and your website.


The Social Media Help Desk wrapped up with a call for your questions. If you have a question about social media for your business, send us an email to to be featured.

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