Using Social Media to Put Your Art Venue in the Spotlight

May 2013

social media stageIn almost every city there is a local art scene. Whether it’s comprised of a single local playhouse or it’s chalk-full of art galleries, each city’s scene seems to be plagued with a similar issue: a lack of funding and/or exposure. The good news is that there is a cure for this plague on the houses of art: social media! An effective social media presence can help to pull people in and make the arts center stage again. Here are a few ways to pep up your city’s local art venues using three of the most popular social media channels.

Facebook: It seems that Facebook has somehow become synonymous with “person” these days and so, to connect with all of the “persons”, Facebook is absolutely essential. Creating a fan page for your local venue is only the first step. This page will be the place where you can provide up-to-date information about any shows or exhibits, as well as interact with the local community. You can showcase photos of different works of art and even post up a video of one of the artists explaining their most complex piece. You can post a link to the local newspaper that interviewed the lead actor in the current play or announce casting calls for upcoming shows. Ask your public what they’d be interested in seeing and have them discuss what they saw on your page as well. Getting the community involved on Facebook will grant exposure for your venue and give patrons a place to connect outside of the theatre or gallery.

Twitter: This is the place for short announcements and “tidbits” about your venue and it’s events. Did your principal Hamlet come down with a cold and now the role will be filled by his understudy? Does a show look like it’s going to sell out quickly? Still tickets left to “Dance on Pants: A Lyrical Dance Tribute to Dr. Seuss”? Tweet it to the people!

Instagram: Since Instagram is purely visual and one of the less formal channels, this is a chance to show off your creative side and have a little fun. Is your theatre doing a run of A Christmas Carol during the holiday season? Encourage your followers to post pictures of themselves wearing the classic Dickens scarf and tag you in it! Is an up-and-coming modern artist getting ready to showcase their work at your gallery? Have your followers post pictures of their best attempt at a Warhol piece!

If all the world is a stage, then the world of social media is Carnegie Hall! And you can be the next act! So what are you waiting for? Your public awaits!

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