Using Social Media to Drive Website Traffic

Feb 2016
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Many companies work diligently to increase their social media following, but those efforts don’t always translate into increased revenue. Having a high follow rate may be important to some companies, but converting followers into customers should be important to all.

You want to take the followers who are engaging with your social media channels and redirect them to your website where you can more effectively capture their information.

But how do you do that?

Below are some tips on how using a well-crafted landing page can reinforce your social media profiles and turn them into lead generators for your business.


By using social media to drive traffic to your website, you can boost business and keep your prospects engaged. If you are producing original content in the form of blogs or videos, this is done relatively easily. Share links to your blogs and videos on your social media. That will drive traffic back to your website when consumers click on the links.

Great content will drive consumers from your social media interface to your website and instigate interaction with your brand for longer periods of time through the landing page on your website. You can also drive deeper engagement and gives your business the opportunity to capture contact information through landing pages.

There is a lot of noise on social media. Dedicated landing pages on your website allow you to cut through the noise, and drive traffic to the content you most want them to see. Landing pages can be used for segmented promotional offers, event registrations, contests, etc.

Your landing page must be consistent with your social media messaging; it must also have a strategically placed call to action. If your followers are accustomed to playful social media messages, then the same tone should be maintained on your landing pages.


In social marketing circles, it is widely understood that having profiles on multiple channels is perfectly okay, and, in fact, is recommended. People who are active on social media usually have preferences about which channels they use, making it necessary for businesses to have profiles across many channels.

Social Media can help your business build top of mind awareness with consumers. Most consumers who encounter your brand on social media or through a search engine aren’t yet ready to buy. And they may not be ready for some time. Your social media channels will help keep your brand at the top of their mind so that they remember you when they are ready.

Landing pages aren’t accessed exclusively via social media. You can also link to a landing page to in your email signature with a call to action such as “sign up for my e-newsletter.”

Using social media to move consumers to landing pages on your website will drive deeper engagement with your brand. Your landing pages will also allow your brand to break through the noise on social media and put your consumers in front of the content you want them to see most.

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