Using Instagram For Business

Aug 2012

Instagram can be a great source for creating and sharing pictures as well as for growing your brand’s online presence. Instgram allows anyone to become a skilled photographer.  Their artsy filters will turn any picture into a masterpiece.  This social media community is the perfect way to display your business in a visual sense.  Pictures are the most engaging form of content right now and shedding a visual light on your business will help tell your story tremendously.

Here are 4 tips to create an instagram presence.

Create a brand account

Currently instagram lets you create personal accounts but has no restrictions on business or brand accounts.  You simply can create another account, separate from your personal one, and use this to promote your brand.  All you need is to enter a different email and you can create a secondary account.  When creating this account, make sure to title it appropriately.

Sharing photos

Instagram has sharing capabilities with other social media sides.  Since this is the case, you can use instagram as your default photo creator.  You can take a picture, add a creative filter to it and then simultaneously share it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Among the list of shareable sites are tumblr, foursquare and flickr.  Make sure to promote your pictures in as many places as possible to help create a heavy presence.

Promoting your account

There are a number of ways your can share your instagram account on other mediums besides instagram.  For example, by using webstagram you can place a button on your website that allows people to follow your account.  This is much like what you see when there are facebook like icons or twitter tweet buttons next to an article or picture.  Instagram has an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows develops or anyone tech savvy can aggregate pictures onto other sites.

Hashtags and Promotions

Instagram has hashtag capabilities.  Users can tag photos as they upload them and search photos via hashtags.  As a business this is a great way to brand each and every one of your photos.  You can tag a photo with numerous different hashtags.  This gives opportunity for having contests and promotions on instagram by the use of hashtagging.  The possibilities are endless here.

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