Using Facebook Groups For Business

Mar 2015

As Facebook reach continues to decline, many businesses are beginning to utilize Facebook groups as a way to supplement their community building and marketing efforts.

Photo Credit: @bradyjill
Photo Credit: @bradyjill


Facebook groups make it easy to connect with people who have a specific interest. A group is a dedicated place where you can share updates, photos, documents and messages with other group members. You can only create a group from your personal Facebook page. Facebook does not allow businesses to create a group.

Wondering what the difference is between a Facebook business page and a group?

A page allows your business or organization to communicate with people who have liked your page. Only an official page representative can manage a business page and share posts from the page.

Groups provide a place for people to communicate freely with one another about a shared interest. Anyone can create a group, join a group, or post in a group, depending on its privacy settings.

Groups can be a great addition to your company’s Facebook strategy. We have three easy ways you can use Facebook groups for your business.

Create A Group Around An Event

If your company hosts an event or is planning one, creating a Facebook group around that event is a great way for attendees and speakers to communicate with each other. This will allow people to network before, after and during the event. The group can also be used to post updates on the event and to post the daily schedule.

Keeping the Facebook Group open after the event will also act as a bonus for the attendees. Now attendees have a dedicated place where they can connect, network and communicate with like-minded individuals. And, your business now has an active group of consumers in your target market with whom you can engage.

Launch a Group for a Product or Service

Creating a Facebook group for your product or service can add value to whatever you are selling. If you have an online class that teaches amateur photographers how to use Photoshop, creating a group around that course will give members a place to ask questions and help one another.

If your company sells physical products, it can be a place where users share videos and photographs of themselves using the product. The group can also be used to answer customer service questions or give advice on how to better use the product.

Host a Networking Group

Groups are a great place for people who share a particular interest to network with each other. If your company makes car parts for ‘57 Chevys, you might want to start a Facebook group for owners of ‘57 Chevys. This group will allow owners to connect with one another, share information about the cars, and help each other with mechanical issues.

It is also a great opportunity for your company act as the authority in the industry and chime in on the conversation whenever someone in the group needs help or has questions about car parts.

When used correctly, Facebook groups can be a great way to grow your business. Every day more users are joining Facebook groups and in October of 2014, it was reported by Facebook that 700 million people were active in groups every month!

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