Triberr Users Have to Manually Tweet Everything Now

Nov 2011

A couple of months ago I wrote about Triberr.

To recap, Triberr bills itself as a reach multiplier because it automatically tweets out your latest blog posts to people who are in your ‘tribe’.  Triberr started in March of this year in beta and has been building steam amongst bloggers since then.

Some of the chatter surrounding Triberr wasn’t all favorable.  Its detractors said that it lessened people’s passion and involvement in twitter because it wasn’t 100% organic.  Its supporters said that it was a great tool to spread their blogs to thousands of people who otherwise wouldn’t have seen it.  Both camps were correct to some extent because Triberr made some big changes to its program this past week.

The Logo for Triberr
Triberr is a tool to make your blog explode, if you do it wisely

In the past the blog posts from people in your ‘tribe’ would be automatically tweeted out through your stream and vice versa.  However, this led some bloggers to become lazy and not engage enough on twitter.  Their streams were becoming too populated with tweets that originated from Triberr and not a discussion or organic tweet.  Additionally, spammers had gotten into some tribes and were junking up many twitter accounts.

To solve this problem the folks at Triberr have switched all of the tribes to manual tweeting only.  This means that your tweets that link to the blog posts from your tribemates have to be manually approved by you in your Triberr account.

The Pros

You will get to see all of the tweets that you send.

If a blogger was posting too often for your twitter stream then you can delete some of their posts.

You’ll build stronger connections with those that tweet your posts.

There is a much lower chance of spammer involvement

Because you won’t feel pressure to write every day, the caliber of your posts will probably increase.

The Cons

You will get fewer hits to your blog.  Last week   on a typical day Triberr had sent more than 130,000 people to various blogs in their tribe.  This week Triberr is sending about 28,000 to various bloggers.


Keep track of who tweets your stuff and who doesn’t.  That way you can stop tweeting theirs if the tweets aren’t being done in return.

Some tribes will disappear.  With fewer tribes this is a great opportunity for you to join new tribes.

The basic rules for Tiberr are still the same, you have to be invited, but you can easily request an invitation.  The developers at Triberr who realized that it was being abused to an extent deserve big kudos.  They saw a problem with their social media sharing platform and made across the board changes to make it more effective for everyone.  They also got rid of the spammers, which is always a good thing.

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