Three Awesome Reasons to Use Facebook's Power Editor

Aug 2013
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Facebook has two different types of ad managing programs, one which you’re probably familiar with and another that is more advanced and incredibly powerful– the Power Editor. To download the Power Editor, follow Facebook’s guide here.

Facebook’s Power Editor gives you a lot more control over your ads and what you can do with them. Here are three of my favorite reasons why you should be using the Power Editor for your Facebook ad campaigns:

1. Custom Placement of Ads: Do you ever see other company’s ads pop up on your Newsfeed and wonder how they made that happen? With the Power Editor, you’re not constrained to just tiny ads on the right-hand side of people’s Facebooks. In fact, you can choose from an array of different ad placement locations, from the Newsfeed to right-hand side ads to mobile, or any combination of the above.

2. Better Targeting: Did I say better? I meant way superior. With the Power Editor, you can get very specific with whom you want your ad to go out to. With the standard ad editor, marketers could only use interest and demographic targeting. The Power Editor allows you to upload your own email or phone lists and even create similar audiences based off of users from your list. Facebook’s Power Editor also has valuable information from three of its data-mining partners, which you can use to elevate your ad targeting

3. Create Unpublished Posts: With the Facebook Power Editor, you can create posts to promote as ads that will not be seen by your fans or anyone on your fan page. This is especially powerful if you want to advertise something for first-time users only, and not existing fans of your page. Using this targeted tool, you have the ability to craft specialized messages to first-time fans of your page without subjecting your existing fans to that content.

Are you using Facebook ads and taking advantage of the Power Editor? Share with us what you’ve learned from using this advanced ad manager on our Facebook page!

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