LinkedIn’s New Search Feature : The Indiana Jones of LinkedInformation

Aug 2013

With over 225 million users, LinkedIn’s content jungle has become as vast as the Amazon itself. Thankfully, LinkedIn combats this with several navigational tools, including its new updates to the search feature. This feature acts as your informational Indiana Jones, tracking down whatever it is you are looking for and delivering it with a little something extra. Still no word on how it reacts to snakes.


To embark on this quest, you’ll need a map showing you how to use this new search tool. KWSM to the rescue! Here is a map to get you started on your journey:



First, locate the search bar. Then proceed to type in what it is that you are looking for information about – say a job as a web designer.

search tool 2

Next, find what you’re looking for. LinkedIn personalizes your results based on your past activity and the most up-to-date and relevant information available on the site.


search tool 3

Take some time to check out the related content that LinkedIn provides. In your search for a web designer job, it also presents you with a list of people within your network with a similar job to the one you are searching for. These would be great people to connect with or to send a message letting them know that you are looking for a position in their field. They can offer you advice, or, better yet, a job!


search tool 4

If you want to focus on one specific thing at a time, LinkedIn makes that easy for you as well. On the right hand of the page, they offer categories. If you want to spend time focusing on joining groups that discuss the latest trends in web design, click on the “Groups” tab. If you want to focus on job openings for web designers, you will click on the “Jobs” tab.  You get the idea.


search tool 5

If you want to get specific in your search, LinkedIn provides you with an “Advanced Search” option. So, if you are only looking for jobs in a certain area or are looking for a particular salary, input the information in the specified tabs and search to your heart’s content. 

search tool 6

Now it’s time for you to embark on your search! Good luck and Godspeed as you set out to find whatever it is you are looking for.


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