The Underutilized Social Media Channel to Add to your Arsenal

Jul 2017


Social media for business is the smartest route you could take when marketing your product or service. With so many options and platforms to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos that is digital marketing. A channel that is being wildly underutilized when growing a business, however, is LinkedIn.  


Yes, it was once used mostly for job hunters and recruiters, but LinkedIn boasts 21 million monthly visitors. Creating a company page on LinkedIn will broaden your reach and put you on the radar of the audience you’re seeking out. Here are just a few reasons to add LinkedIn to your business’ digital marketing arsenal.


Website Demographics Tool

Measuring data and gathering information to adjust and improve your marketing efforts is an important part of any strategy. The ease of which you gather that information will have a direct effect on how seamless your strategy functions. LinkedIn offers a website demographics tool that allows your company page to zoom in on who is visiting your page and track whether that person is aligned with your target audience. You now have data into what your audience wants and will allow you to utilize LinkedIn to its full benefit to your business.


Networking and Interacting

LinkedIn may be the most social of the social media platforms. Its purpose really is to allow for virtual networking, which is vital to growing an audience. Joining groups and being active in those groups will bring traffic to your business page and thus bring traffic to your business. There is a depth of resources to aid in LinkedIn networking – do your research and don’t shy away from getting social. Think of LinkedIn as the new business card that you can virtually hand out thousands to potential clients, industry connections, and even potential employees. Networking may be LinkedIn’s most valuable resource; so don’t overlook the value of it.


Gain exposure

Your LinkedIn page is where you’ll interact and catch the attention of your audience. In order to keep eyes on your page, we recommend that you share valuable content relative to your industry. We can’t tout enough the importance of research – just as you need to know what your audience is doing; you need to know what your competitors are doing as well.


If you bulk up your page with relevant news and information that is important to your audience, you will start to be seen as an industry resource and more than just a product or service. Having more eyes on your company page will lead to more actions and thus, more sales.

Need an example of the content to share on LinkedIn? See our LinkedIn page for more insight to the channel’s best practices.

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