The Social Game Changer: Improving Your Company’s Twitter Reach

May 2017
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On your mark, get set, Tweet! Millions of businesses are using Twitter to connect with customers, but many may not be doing it effectively. Quality content that is authentic will help your company stand out from the competition. Your target audience is more likely to interact with creative content through likes, link clicks, and retweets – all which are great ways to grow your reach. We’ve compiled some “Twitter-ific” strategies to help your business amp up its game on Twitter:

Know your audience

Not everyone with a Twitter account is part of your target audience. Determine your customers’ biggest interests, needs, and problems that you can address. Next, identify relevant keywords and hashtags that will hit a sweet spot with those customers. Businesses that are interested in generating leads on Twitter should take advantage of the social channel’s Advanced Search. This function enables companies to narrow their search to target customers by geographic location, interests, hashtag and date range. Another benefit is you can save your searches and revisit them regularly.

Create a two-way conversation

It’s important the businesses understand the difference between their brand voice and company’s tone when fostering meaningful connections with Twitter followers. Although a consistent brand voice is key, a company’s tone may vary depending on the mood of the conversation. For example, a business that always tweets in a sales-driven tone is a major turnoff to a customer. Lighten the conversation with a balance of promotional and engaging third party content. Most importantly, try not to dominate the discussion. The biggest tool for Twitter is listening.

Use a call-to-action

So, you’re using Twitter to engage your followers, right? Every retweet packs a powerful punch to help businesses connect with new audiences. And, a clear call-to-action will make a difference. Try using short phrases such as “Learn why,” “Follow,” and “Retweet,” to encourage people to click to read or see more. Lead them to what they are searching for on Twitter.

Time your tweets

Like other social channels, the right timing is everything on Twitter. Consider when your audience is most active on Twitter before posting. For example, if your target audience is teachers, the best time to tweet will be in the morning before school begins, at lunchtime or in the early to late evening. Maximize reach and engagement with your target audience by prioritizing your tweets for peak times.


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