The “Shh”per Bowl | Social Media Help Desk Episode 44

Jan 2019

The “big game” is right around the corner – are you utilizing the biggest sports event of the year to promote your business? Today on the Social Media Help Desk, I’m sitting down with our host Stephen Wagner and Junior Content Editor Ivana Hermida to discuss the legal issues with saying Super Bowl in your content, how often you should be posting on social media, and the huge opportunity podcasts present to businesses.


While every industry is different, there are some best practices we advise our clients to stick with when deciding how many times a day to post on social media. How often you’ll post on Instagram varies greatly from how often you should be tweeting! Ivana is breaking down the best posting schedules for each channel.


We then dive deep into the world of podcasts. All of us at KWSM are big fans of podcasts, and we’re not the only ones! With podcasts growing in popularity, we’ve been getting tons of questions about whether small businesses should be advertising on podcasts, or recording and posting episodes of their own. I’m walking through how podcasts work, and how you can best use “audio blogs” as a part of your marketing strategy.


To wrap up this week’s podcast, Stephen is leading us through some of this week’s trending social media news topics. From Facebook’s new petition tool to Twitter’s free downloadable event calendar, we’re breaking down all the recent social media news you need to know.


The Social Media Help Desk is live every Friday at 12:30 AM PST. If you have any questions from this week’s episode of the Social Media Help Desk, send us a message! We’d love to help.


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