The Secret To Writing Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Titles

Mar 2015
Photo Credit: @nicolelautoreblog
Photo Credit: @nicolelautoreblog

You’ve written an entertaining and informative blog post, now what? How do you get people to read the post? Sharing the post on social media is important, but what’s that old adage, you can lead a horse to water? Unfortunately, most posts shared on social media will be scrolled past without a second glance. The trick is to pull readers in with a compelling title. You only get a few words, so you’d better use them wisely. Here are a few tips for writing attention-grabbing blog titles.

Be specific. I know, it’s fun to play around with words, but if you get too creative with your titles, no one will know what your post is about. Without a clear title, how are readers supposed to know if they are interested? You’re more likely to get readers when your title can clearly convey what your post is about. While “Girl Power!” may be a fun title, it gives no indication as to what the post is about. A title such as “5 Books To Empower Women” makes it clear that the post is about books for women.

Don’t be boring. Being specific doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Your title can be humorous or cheeky as long as it still makes sense. If you think a title like “5 Books To Empower Women” is too dry, try adding a little bit of personality. With a title like “5 Books That Inspire Girl Power,” the reader will still understand the topic and the post may appear more interesting.

Choose words to entice the reader. If you are providing readers with insider knowledge, convey that with your word choice. Phrases such as “The Secret To…” and “A Little Known Way To…” will give readers the sense they are privy to insider information. The title “5 Books Successful Women Read” may attract more readers who aspire to be successful women, too.

Keep it short and simple. A long, rambling title will only encourage users to scroll past your post on social media. Good titles will be relatively short in length and will not require much thought to decipher. Shorter titles are also optimal for sharing on social media. If your title is so long that it will get cut off when being retweeted, it’s too long.

It’s not difficult to write titles that grab the attention of potential readers. If you aren’t sure you’ve written a clear and catchy title, ask a friend or coworker to read it. If they can’t guess the correct topic, you need to rework your title. Test your title length by typing it into Twitter. If it doesn’t fit, you need to shorten it. And don’t be afraid to include some personality!

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