The Right Approach to Sourcing Photos on Instagram for Your Content

Aug 2017
Photo Credit: @thepatriciabright

You can’t believe everything you see or hear on the Internet. We’ve heard this time and time again, but it’s so true, and that includes social media. People are becoming weary of online brands and Instagram boutiques, mainly because there are so many brands deceiving their customers.

My Fashion Hair recently pulled a Bow Wow when they posted a picture of YouTuber, Actually Ashly wearing their wig on Instagram. There are several problems with this post:

  • Ashly is not wearing their wig; in fact, she’s not wearing a wig at all.
  • Ashly is not in partnership with this brand.
  • Ashly was not aware they were using her photos to promote their products.


The brand—we use that term loosely— is deceiving customers into thinking that this is what their wigs will look like when you put it on. Once Ashly’s subscribers caught wind of this, they immediately set the story straight in the comment section. One viewer tagged her asking, “ Are you making money from them using your image without permission of your natural hair?” Another threatened to report their account and have the picture removed.

Even though this is an extreme example of an in genuine brand, followers are not afraid to call out any brand for even the smallest mistake. Play by these rules to avoid angry followers in your comment section.


Working With Influencers

Wrong approach: My Fashion Hair, used Ashly’s influencer status to sell their products without her knowledge.


What you should do: Contact an influencer who is a right fit for your brand and pitch your ideas, whether you want them to create a video, Facebook post, or blog post. If they agree to work with you, make sure all the details are laid out so you are both on the same page. Always make sure they disclose that your brand has sponsored their content to follow FTC guidelines.


Sourcing Content

Wrong approach: My Fashion Hair did not credit Ashly for the image they used online.


What you should do: It’s okay to browse social platforms for photos to use on your site, but there are a few details you should be mindful of to stay out of trouble.

  • Always provide image credit to the person or business that you’re sourcing the image from, even when you’ve sponsored that photo
  • Avoid using photos from professional photographers.
You always want to establish your brand values and identity before posting anything online Click To Tweet

Promoting Your Products

Wrong approach: Even though My Fashion Hair didn’t blatantly say the YouTuber was wearing their hair, the photo lied to their customers.


What you should do: Tell the truth always. It’s as simple as that. You always want to establish your brand values and identity before posting anything online. Once you have them set, remain true to your brand always and don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Invest your time in innovation and improving your products and services, and social media content.


Even when you’re killing it on social media, you may still encounter the occasional troll in your comment section. Use these tips to respond to angry followers.


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