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Apr 2020

When I first started at KWSM, I was inspired by the passion that all my colleagues had for the industry. I thought it was remarkable that KWSM helps tell the stories that our clients want to share, but don’t know how to convey. A story can be conveyed in many ways, but video is one that has always been the most impactful to me. Whether it is a commercial that inspired me to take action or a YouTube video that showed me how to use a product, each video I consume gives me the trust and information I need to make a decision.


During the last session of the KWSM Mentorship Program, I chose to learn more about video. When I was exposed to a video shoot at KWSM, I realized all the effort that goes into creating a video and I gained an appreciation for what it takes to create valuable content. Although it may look simple, capturing someone’s attention in a few seconds takes a lot of planning and skill. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can depict the meaning and culture of a company in a few seconds. Sometimes, that is all it takes for someone to make a decision about your company.


I was paired up with Web & Video Project Manager Alexandra Hall as my mentor. I sat down with Alexandra and she gave me the simple task of watching videos. Although I had seen videos before, this time I was looking for something different. I was analyzing angles, b-roll and taking the time to picture what kind of equipment had to be used in the process of making this video. Alexandra walked me through what I was seeing. She explained the backstory of what went on behind the scenes. The finished video showed no signs of the challenges that Alexandra faced in order to produce it.


During the shoot I attended, I was able to see how the equipment was set up, how the teleprompter worked and how much practice and time it took. Not only did it take time to get the right sound bites on film, but it took skill to get the right shots. I was also able to experience first-hand how the interviewees reacted in this kind of environment. Some were nervous and others talked so fast that they fumbled their words. However, this did not phase Alexandra. She was there coaching them through the process until we got the right material. 


In addition to coaching, she also controlled the speed of the teleprompter, and she had to improvise if there was a word that was difficult for the client to pronounce. When producing video, you have to be quick on your feet and think of the best way to alleviate the sticking points in each situation. It takes lots of time and footage to get what you are looking for.


Once the video shoot was completed, the process was still far from over.  We had to work as a team to break down all the equipment and hand off the next steps to Andrew, one of our editors. 


It’s quite a process to sort through all the raw footage, condense it and build a story that flows. Andrew is able to take hours of footage and create a thirty second snippet that can be placed on a website or social media platforms. 


Once Andrew finished editing, our team members reviewed the content and suggested edits. Usually once the client reviews the clip, they will have additional edits. The editing process takes several hours, even for just 30 seconds of completed video.


Although video production is a long process, it is worth it. Compared to pictures, video is often a more effective way to catch someone’s attention online. Video not only helps build rapport with your target audience, but it also gives you the opportunity to share your company’s story in a concise way. 


Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn more about the process of making video at KWSM. It was an education in how hard my colleagues work to make sure every story we tell is perfect.


megaphoneViewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video.

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