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May 2019

Lately, it seems like social media updates keep rolling out. They all have the same goal: to make your social media experience more worthwhile and simplified. While so many new updates may seem overwhelming at first, soon you’ll be booking all your appointments and shopping via the same app you share cat videos of with your best friend – all carefree of the like and subscriber count. Here are some of the social media trends in the news this week.


Shop within Influencers’ Posts on Instagram


Instagram recently launched an update that allows an in-app shopping experience and the ability to store your card information within Instagram. The feature rolled out first to major brands and now has a new target: influencers. Starting this week, select influencers can tag products in their post, allowing you to buy the same cute dress or awkwardly posed dish soap (#ad). This influencer shopping feature does come with a downside for those who use it currently: Instagram is not granting referral fees for shopped products to influencers, so don’t delete your LikeToKnowIt or ShopStyle account yet! Regardless – this update is sure to impact the Instagram Marketplace and the way we see products in influencers’ posts.


Photo: Planoly


Book Your Next Appointment Via Facebook or Instagram


Do you sometimes spontaneously want a new hairstyle? Now, when you see your hairstylist post a fresh haircut and you think “I want that.” you don’t have to wait to call and make an appointment. You can now make appointments directly through Instagram and Facebook! This new feature is free and available to all business accounts. If the business has created this as an option, you can get to it by clicking “Book” on their Instagram profile or “Book Now” on the company’s Facebook page. If you’re a business looking to utilize this feature, click here to learn more.


YouTube to Round Subscriber Counts


Youtube recently announced that starting in August, it will round subscriber counts in an effort to make the YouTube community feel less competitive and hostile. Previously, YouTube creators have been known to obsess over the growth and loss of subscribers – even to the point of feuding with their competition. To address this, YouTube will only display whole numbers to both the subscribers and the creator. For example, if a creator has 8,500 subscribers, it will display as 8K. This change is expected to affect YouTube’s current open API and third-party websites that collect that data and comes soon after Instagram revealed its plan to hide likes, and Twitter playing down engagement rates.


Did you know YouTube users collectively watch over 46,000 years of content each year?

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