The Great Debate – How Do You Pronounce GIF?! | Social Media Help Desk Episode 21

Jul 2018

This week, the social media help desk is back with special guest host Alexandra Hall. Alexandra sat down with web designer Billy Bates and content editor Taylor Glaze to discuss analytics reporting, unique video content, and to answer the controversial question, how do you pronounce GIF?


First, Taylor broke down the importance of social media reporting and how to use the results to analyze your success online. For any business using social media as a marketing tool, it’s important to ensure that you are putting your efforts towards the appropriate channels and spending time on campaigns and strategies that actually work. Taylor explained to the panel that putting together a report is an important task, but should only be done about once a month to get the best data. It’s also important to make sure you are tracking the right kind of data. Taylor suggests always tracking followers or fans, engagement rate, organic reach, video views, clicks, traffic to website, and top demographics.


Billy then took over to tackle video and the unique ways you can utilize the content. The team discussed video email signatures, screen recordings, attention-grabbing gifs, and video presentation boxes – all unique and original ways to get video content in front of a new audience. Video can be a helpful tool in conveying the tone and voice of your company. Would you give any of these unusual methods a try?


It wouldn’t be the social media help desk without wrapping things up with new and trending news. Have you heard of Pinterest’s new group board update? In its latest update, Pinterest now allows users to engage with other users that are in the group using @-mentions and interact with content that will only be visible to those in the group. Similar to Facebook groups, Pinterest hopes to increase the social interaction on their site with this newest feature. The help desk also discussed LinkedIn’s new translation feature. Available in more than 60 languages, the new “See Translation” option will allow users to keep in touch and engage with other professionals in their newsfeeds and within groups, regardless of language. The team ended their discussion with a new favorite – Instagram Question Stickers. You’re sure to have seen these popping up all over Instagram this past week as the platform unlocked a new feature where followers submit questions for you to answer live on your Instagram story. This feature has taken the social media by storm, but the jury’s still out on whether this will be the platform’s next best thing, or another soon-to-be-forgotten feature.


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