Don’t Let Your Audience Become Burned Out On Your Brand

Jul 2018


Talking about only you will cause your audience to flee
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Your brands social media channels are a massive part of your brands identity; it’s your lifeline in terms of quickly reacting to customers and spreading the word about upcoming sales, events, or giveaways. While that will never stop being true, there is a trap that many businesses fall into that can have a significant, and negative, impact on your followers and reach. It’s a misstep that almost no brands notice, but should. That trap? Posting too much about your business.


It sounds counterintuitive, but only posting about your company or product is going to burn out your audience. They certainly sign up to hear about what’s happening with you, but when you only offer them content related to you, it makes your page look like spam after a while. The best fix for that is to find content that isn’t about your business, but about you and your team. Lifestyle content can give you a massive boost and help your audience open up.


Where To Begin


Lifestyle content can encompass a wide variety of material. If you have a company outing to a beach, show off the personalities that are behind the company. Maybe you have a fitness product, and you find a video of home workout mishaps. That’s a perfect video to share. Perhaps you have a colorful or silly office party. Anything that gives your brand life beyond the computer screen will help you grow.


Reach Out To The Audience


Hopefully you know your audience inside and out, but if not, find out a common theme or interest that applies to the majority of your audience, and tap into that enthusiasm. Red Bull has perfected lifestyle content by attaching themselves to daredevil stunts, so they often post videos of stunts, or GoPro videos of people skiing or racing. Find your theme and branch out into fun, silly, or emotional stories and videos that give your audience something to associate with you outside your products.


Investigate Your Community


Chances are, you and your employees get out of the office, so use that as content. If you’re out at a local restaurant, take a picture and tag the establishment. Show how connected you are to your community, and particularly local businesses. If they share your content, you’ve not only shown your audience more about you, you’re reaching brand new ones for free! Find ways to leverage other businesses and you’ll give your brand a personal touch.


Never be afraid to branch out and try something new with your content, and find out how your audience reacts. If you’re still worried, there are new ways to ask them questions, and find out what you need to offer to keep your community buzzing.

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