Take a Gander at Your New Facebook Analytics

Jul 2013
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Facebook analytics used to be an elusive kind of beast. It would provide you with numbers and charts, but they weren’t really of substance. Sure, we could interpret the data how we wanted and try to shape our Facebook strategies around it, but in all honesty, Facebook’s metrics just weren’t that great. Well the good news is, Facebook has revamped its analytics, and they now provide a ton more tangible information that’s simpler, more useful and a lot easier to analyze!

Facebook’s new and improved analytics give you a snapshot of what’s been happening on your fan page over the last seven days. You’ll have an opportunity to analyze your page’s overall performance, posts and audience.

With the new analytics, there’s a lot to dive into, which may be overwhelming especially if you’re not used to this type of metrics. So to start off, let’s just delve into the “Overview” section of the new analytics, which will give you a solid summary of the activity on your page.


Facebook Analytics screenshot

The “Page Likes” graph shows you have many total likes you have on your page, and also tracks if there has been a growth in fans over the last seven days. It also shows you how many fans you’ve gotten this week versus the previous week. 

The middle chart displays your posts’ reach numbers, which tell you how many people on Facebook saw your posts this week versus last week. The third graph is the “Engagement” table, which shows you how many people total were “engaging” with your page in the last seven days. This accounts for anyone who “liked”, made a comment, shared or even clicked on any of your posts.

The “Overview” gives you a good summary of what’s happening on your page, but if you want to look deeper into the numbers, you can also click through to the additional sections and read more analytics about your page. We’ll cover that next week!

If you haven’t checked out your page’s new analytics yet, head on over to your page and check to see if they’re available yet (there should be a prompt in the admin bar of your page). Do you like what you see? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

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