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Jan 2021

Do you need to start marketing your company on social media, but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been posting content, but can’t seem to get the results you want. 


If you feel stuck at any stage of your social media marketing campaign, our Social Media Bootcamp webinars are for you!


We’ve been teaching Social Media Bootcamp at KWSM for more than 10 years. We created the classes for small business owners and in-house marketing professionals who need a better understanding of what social media can do for your business, and how to achieve optimal results.


Due to COVID-19, we had to put our in-person sessions on hold, but we knew it was especially important for businesses to stay connected with their audiences during this uncertain time.


That’s why we decided to create virtual, on-demand versions of each of our 4 Bootcamp sessions! These webinars are available for download at any time, and they serve to help businesses around the country set up and become fluent in the 4 major social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.


To learn more about these webinars, check out our answers to FAQs below. 


What types of businesses are best served by Social Media Bootcamp?

Whether you’re running a one-man show or representing a larger organization, the skills and tactics learned in Social Media Bootcamp can be applied to nearly every industry.


What level of knowledge do I need to attend?

These webinars are designed to help beginners, advanced marketers, and everyone in between. We walk you through the basics of setting up your social media profiles and optimizing them for engagement, so beginners will have a strong foundation. But, we also share advanced strategy tips and best practices that we use with our clients at the agency, so even those with digital marketing experience will find the classes valuable. 


Does KWSM still offer Social Media Bootcamp in-person?

Pre-COVID, we held Social Media Bootcamp in-person at KWSM Orange County three times a year, as well as throughout the year in our KWSM Atlanta, KWSM Las Vegas, and KWSM San Diego offices. However, in light of the pandemic, we decided to offer these courses exclusively virtually and on-demand to help businesses all over the country master their social media presence and stay connected with their audience. (We’re also rolling out new classes to help business owners take their digital marketing to the next level – our new Digital Marketing Bootcamp will be taught via live, interactive virtual classes in February 2021!)


Do I need to purchase all 4 webinars?

While we do offer a savings bundle for those looking to purchase all four classes (equal to a “buy 3, get 1 free” deal), you may purchase any of the webinars individually, so you can decide what best fits your company’s needs. 


Insider tip: if you think you need at least two of our classes, we recommend you purchase the bundle. Learning the ins and outs of a new channel might help you determine whether it should be included in your social media strategy!


What materials will I need?

Our classes are interactive, and we’ve found that our bootcampers learn best when they can follow along. Aside from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device required to watch the webinars, we recommend having pen and paper at the ready to take notes. If possible, it may be beneficial to watch the webinar on one device while following along on your social media profiles on another device.


Do I need to have social channels set up?

No initial set-up is required before watching the webinar(s). Your instructor will walk you through the essential elements of a strong profile on each social media platform.


What support is available after Bootcamp?

We believe in sharing education and becoming a resource for those who need it. You can find fresh articles on our KWSM blog every day, covering all aspects of social media and digital marketing. We also have a KWSM YouTube channel with additional content for you to consume. If you get stuck, we offer one-on-one coaching at the agency to help craft your individual digital strategy.  We add all of our bootcampers to a private Facebook group where you can continue to ask our team questions as you embark on your marketing journey. And, of course, you can always contact us to get more help!


Will we be covering paid advertising?

Our current classes are only over organic social media management. However, if you are interested in learning the advanced skills required for effective advertising campaigns, we have private coaching opportunities available. Or, check out our Digital Marketing Bootcamp, which features an entire class on social media advertising.




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