Sometimes You Need a Break from Technology

Jun 2011

I love technology.  I love my smartphone, computer, television and iPad.  They keep me in touch with the world, allow me to work more efficiently and let me watch the latest kitten and puppy videos.  However, there are times or places when you need to take a break from technology.

The ‘time’ is entirely up to you and your work schedule, but everybody needs to recharge and part of that process can include time away from technology.  The ‘place’ should be self evident, but just in case it’s not, here are three recent examples of folks that used social media or technology in the entirely wrong situation.

Movie Theater

I love movies and I’ve been to many of them in the past month.   The movie can be the most captivating piece of cinematic genius ever filmed and some knucklehead in the theater will still pull out their phone.  The screen will light up and they’ll either check the time, see who called or text someone.  Surely said patron can go two hours without a phone call or SMS?  If they’re nervous that the babysitter may call then put the phone on vibrate and stick it in your shirt pocket.

A movie theater in Texas recently had to kick out a woman who was texting during the movie.  The customer called the theater when she got home and left a curse word filled message.  The theater then immediately turned the voice message into a video which they show in front of R rated movies.  Language warning if you’re going to play the video as the woman lays down several colorful words.



Remember the woman who fell into the water fountain at the shopping mall? She tried to sue, but thankfully that went nowhere.  Do not walk and text.


It is alarming how many people do not have some ear piece for their phone.  Scratch that, they may have an ear piece, but they fail to use it.    My ear piece is always beside my phone and if it’s not charged I don’t talk on the phone while I’m in the car.  There is no way I would even think about texting while driving.

There are several laws floating around various parts of the county to make texting while driving illegal.  No offense to our elected officials, but how will making something illegal that takes place in your car reduce the activity?  In order to put some teeth into any activity that you want to decrease you need to make the penalty severe.

Something as seemingly simple as sending a quick text message while driving is quick act; but it’s a massive distraction that can’t be proven without phone records or a photograph.     If you’re reading this then you’re smart.  You do use an ear piece when you use the phone in the car don’t you?  The text message will be just fine until you get at your destination, don’t even think about reading or replying to it.



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