Social Media for Coffee Shops

Jan 2014
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Coffee shops rely on customers. What better way to develop a relationship with customers than through social media? As most avid coffee drinkers will tell you, their daily caffeine intake ritual is just as much about the routine and the relationship with their favorite barista, as it is about the coffee itself. And, as a devoted coffee consumer myself, I can fully attest to that.

Local coffee shops can utilize the following social media channels to reach out to new customers and interact with regulars as well. The coffee shop is all about community, and building a strong online community can help bolster your offline community as well.


Take a look around any coffee shop or café and what do you see? People on their laptops, right? And some of those customers are probably on Facebook. You already know your customer demographic is computer-savvy as well as caffeine dependent – so why not leverage that? A Facebook Fan page is a great way to gain a following and share visual and informative content. You can announce events or promotions in advance (like the below post from The Neighborhood Cup), share recent news about your community or café, reveal positive customer feedback (perhaps from your Yelp page if you have one), and conduct contests/giveaways. For example, you could have your local customers answer trivia regarding your community/city and the winner will receive a free cup of coffee! This is a great way to combine your relationship with your customers and the local community – while adding in a motive to come into your shop.

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Using Instagram as a coffee shop is a great way to share your story. People are drawn to visual content. You could take photos of your products, like that chai latte that is a customer favorite or a new blend presented in one of your shops signature cups. If your café has food, you could take a shot of the perfect latte and scone pairing to share with customers to entice them to order at their next visit. Sometimes, just a glimpse of a freshly brewed latte like this post (below) from Portola Coffee Lab will be enough to spark a craving in any coffee lover. (Trust me.)

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Also, you can use both Instagram and Facebook to teach customers who frequent your coffee shop on how to make various cups of coffee using photos with step-by-step instructions. This will make you their go-to source for new coffee creations.

Ultimately, the key to your coffee shop’s social media channels is increasing brand awareness and gaining a following of loyal customers.


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