Social Media Business Trends for the Holidays

Nov 2011

Happy Black Friday! I myself have never cared to brace hoards of people in the name of a good deal, which isn’t to say I don’t love a great bargain, because I really do. But the idea of waiting in line in the wee, cold hours of the morning, shoving and pushing strangers and waiting in more lines to pay—all to score a TV screen– just doesn’t appeal to me.

Thankfully for lazy people like me, there’s the holy grail that is the Internet; Last Christmas, I did all of my shopping on Amazon. And this year, I’m thrilled to see that a lot of my favorite online vendors are using social media to promote their businesses for the holiday season, making it even easier for me to find deals and steals (and avoid the malls!).

With the accessibility of social media, things like shopping and business relationships with consumers and clients have become even more interactive and social. Looking for ways to integrate social media with your business’s holiday campaign? Here are three of our favorite social media trends for the upcoming season:

  1. Offer a Special Deal for Your Facebook Fans: You love your fans, and they love you. Why not give them something to show your appreciation? Give your Facebook fans a treat for the holidays– whether it’s an exclusive promotion for a product, free advice or tips, or a special coupon discount, your fans will appreciate the special treatment. Not only that, but offering an exclusive special to only fans will create buzz to your fans’ friends, and will help you gain more fans.
  2. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads: Facebook recently upgraded their ads and marketing tactics for businesses for maximum optimization. The great part about Facebook ads is that you can set your budget to spend as little or as much as you want. Have a special holiday deal? Want to promote your Christmas flyer? Just use ads! So go design an engaging ad (come up with a great offer, write awesome and succinct copy and attach an eye-catching picture) and get rolling!  And, with the addition of the “sponsored stories” feature , your ad will have the potential to create more buzz and reach even bigger audiences.
  3. Take Advantage of Twitter: Hashtags and trends are your friend.  Use the search engine to search for topics relevant to your business that people might be Tweeting about, and talk to these people! Boast about your business’s sweet holiday Facebook deal for fans only (see #1!), talk about what your business is doing for the upcoming season—start a conversation and have fun.


What are some ways you are going to implement social media in your business’s holiday marketing this season?




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