Snapchat Behavioral Ad Targeting On Its Way

Sep 2016

Snapchat is answering advertisers’ prayers by offering behavioral-targeted ads, Instagram is allowing users to take a closer look at photos, and Facebook wants to speed up your user experience.Snapchat Behavioral Ad Targeting

Here are the trending social media stories in the news this week!

 Instagram Adds Pinch To Zoom Feature To Satisfy Users:

 Instagram wants you to know that it is listening to your suggestions! The platform has officially launched a pinch to zoom feature for both photo and video on the platform.

Instagram has already initiated the feature for iOS, with an Android version coming sometime within the next few weeks.

The feature helps detail-oriented users the ability to pinpoint something in a photo or video.

This latest update from Instagram is only one of several that have been making headlines recently. The platform recently opened up business analytics, as well as introduced Snapchat-esque Stories.

Facebook Shortens Load Times

Facebook knows that you’re in a hurry. So to shorten mobile site load time by 29%, it has launched prefetching – an initiative to help preload mobile content on the Facebook app before users tap on a link.

As the platform continues its efforts toward a better mobile experience, it is also pushing advertisers to optimize their websites for mobile.

The move indicates mobile page load times will affect whether or not ads are served to mobile users with poor internet connections.

By taking a quick glance at the statistics of Facebook users (90% of its 1.13 billion users are active via mobile), it is instantly clear why the platform is pushing away from desktop.

Are your websites ready for the push to mobile?

Snapchat Ad Targeting Is Officially Here

Snapchat’s Director of Revenue Operations, Clement Xue, has officially announced the platform’s imminent launch of behavioral targeting based on user’s activity within the app.

The announcement proves the platform is making strides to attract advertisers by launching an API and improving targeting and measurement capabilities.

While Snapchat has revolutionized video storytelling and communication, it had yet to implement marketing and measurement tools.

This is a big win for advertisers of all types.

To protect its users, the company has announced that it will be not be making any personal information from its users available other than user demographics and specs.

Snapchat has not announced when it will make these marketing tools available, but keep a close eye on our social feeds for the latest information.

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