Should My Business Post Holiday Content for Every Holiday?

Jan 2022

holiday contentAs a business owner, you want your company to reflect its values online through social media content. Every post gives you the opportunity to amplify your views and what you stand for. One way that businesses accomplish this is by promoting holiday content related to their values. While Christmas and the Fourth of July are big contenders, I’m talking about national and international holidays that are celebrated each day.

While hopping on the bandwagon may seem like a great idea for content creation, don’t let your business lose focus on what it’s about. If you’re wondering whether you should publish holiday content, look no further. Check out these questions to help your decision.

Does the Holiday Reflect Your Company?

Get down to your roots and ask yourself whether publishing a post about this holiday makes sense coming from your business. How is this related? Does it match with a core value? If not, pass on the idea. National Respect Day (September 18th) would be a fine choice if your company emphasizes respect as a value in the workplace or a commitment to respect clients. Relevancy is not a requirement, but this consideration could be the difference between great results – engagement, shares, and leads – and the sound of virtual crickets.

Is Posting Holiday Content Frequently Bad?

While I love the idea of celebrating every single holiday, it’s not something I recommend to clients for content marketing. Why? If every post was about a national or international holiday, then it loses its appeal and likely isn’t related to your business. National Bowling Day may be fun, but how does it connect with your business and audience? Posting frequently about irrelevant matters may turn your audience off. Effective content strategy means keeping your audience engaged with your company through thoughtful content.

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Why Should I Post Holiday Content at All?

On the other side of that coin, only publishing promotional content can make your online presence feel stale. Occasionally adding holiday content can spice up your feed and get your audience excited about you as long as it relates to your business. A great example of this is KWSM’s dedication to National Doughnut Day (June 3rd): our team has a long history of running on doughnuts! (See post below) 

When it comes to a doughnut, a sprinkle can make all the difference for a person’s experience. Applying that principle to holiday content is a fun content marketing strategy that demonstrates to your audience what your offerings are and what your business stands for. 


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