Setting Goals and Creating a Vision with the EOS Model

May 2020

The quarantine and stay-at-home order has kept many of us from our normal rituals, but the power of technology, and a little flexibility from our team, ensures that nothing keeps us from our quarterly professional development workshops. 


Each quarter, the KWSM Team gets together for an afternoon of growth and learning with a guest speaker who is a leader in their industry. This time, we had the opportunity to speak with Vistage Chair and EOS® Implementer Paul Wirth. Paul is an expert in all things goal setting and led our team (virtually) through the EOS Model and the six key things any business, or professional, needs to succeed. From this model, we applied our own personal and professional goals, and used The Vision/Traction Organizer to map out our plans, goals,  targets, and rocks (action items) moving forward.


Paul’s model was incredibly eye opening for myself, and many of the members on our team. As a team, we challenge ourselves to set and meet goals every quarter, and our CEO, Katie Wagner, is very transparent about our goals as an agency. During my 4 years here at KWSM, I’ve seen us hit both short and long term goals. By achieving these goals, we’ve not only transformed and grown our agency, but we’ve brought each other up along with it. 


Using the Vision/Traction Organizer, Paul led us through an exercise starting with setting our goals for this year. We then set our “rocks” for the quarter. What are the tasks we need to accomplish in this particular quarter to get closer to our yearly goals? Paul helped us understand that without naming these rocks, we’ll never make progress towards the goals we set for ourselves. All too often, professionals set yearly goals, but do not break these intentions down to achievable steps to help them get there. The Vision/Traction Organizer is in place to start in the execution journey. We finished the activity by making our issue list. What are the obstacles and challenges we might face that will prevent us from reaching our goals? By being aware of these potential roadblocks, we can set ourselves up with the tools we need to overcome them. 


During this time of uncertainty and change, it was great to spend the afternoon with Paul and think “big picture,” outside of the bubble we’re currently in. By stepping away from our day-to-day tasks, Paul helped us all see the light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to the future.


Studies show when people write down their goals, they are 33% more successful in achieving them than those who only formulate outcomes in their heads.

Goal setting and tracking is an integral part of our success here at KWSM. 

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