Promoting Your Instagram Account

Nov 2012

Instagram is growing in popularity as the days go by.  The app, and newly adopted social media platform, got its rise to fame when Facebook purchased it for $1 Billion.  With over 40 million users the eye catching app that turns any photo into a work of art is where much of the social media buzz is happening.

Many companies are starting to use Instagram to amass a following of interested customers as well as a nifty way to express their photos.  Companies will often use the app to document their brand’s stories either from a behind the scenes point of view or to publicize their presence at events and functions.  The possibilities are truly endless when developing an Instagram strategy.  The flexible nature of the app is one of the driving forces behind its popularity and success.  If you’re not into developing a strategy for Instagram, then at the very least the app allows you take pictures and add professional looking artistic accents to them.  These pictures can then be used on your website or on your social media; they’re extremely versatile.

For those companies and individuals who are actively pursuing an Instagram strategy, there is breakthrough news to help spread the word about your feed.  Much like the badges you see on other sites that say “like on Facebook” or “Follow on Twitter” or “Pin,” Instagram now has its own badge application.   This helps you spread the word about your works of art.  The process is quite simple:

First you will need an account.  Once that is created you can visit the badge application website.  From here you will be prompted to pick the size of your badge.  You can chose large, medium or small and you even have the option to choose a “View on Instagram” badge.  Whatever fits the style of your brand.  Next the embed code will be generated for you.  With this code, you can place it on your website, your blog or anywhere you see fit.  The new badge will be a direct link to you Instagram profile! Get creative where you share it!

Now with this new badge application there is no excuse why you can’t share your beautiful photos with the world.  Instagram has so many possibilities to give your brand a new look, and because its so easy to use, its time to hop on the band wagon.  Even if you don’t use Instagram every day, more than likely you will find it to be useful in a few areas of your brand.

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