Pinterest Launches Gifts Feed

Apr 2014
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Pinterest recently launched a gifts feed section that highlights pins of products. This new feed brings with it great news for business owners, in case you needed another reason to join the rapidly growing channel!

Now with the gifts feed, pinners can look at product specific pins and find valuable information right on the pin, like the price point of a gift and where to buy the gift from. Previously, pinners often had to navigate to the company site for this basic information.

Product pins are great for brand visibility, since the company logo is shown clearly on the pin. Additionally, product pins have been known to get higher click-through rates than non-product pins, and with the new gifts feed, it is now easier than ever for pinners to search for and find your products.

The gifts feed also includes the option of using price filters. If pinners are looking to shop within a certain budget, they can click the dollar sign at the top of the page that correlates with their price point. A click on the single dollar sign will filter gifts priced under $25. The symbol with two dollar signs will show products within the $25 to $50 range, three dollar signs will display gifts that are priced between $50-$200, and four dollar signs will feature products above $200.

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Another great facet to the gifts feed is the notification feature. If the price of a gift that a pinner has saved drops in value, he/she will receive an email stating so.

Interested to see how the gifts feed works? Go ahead and give it a try! Click here to get started.

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