Photo Sharing on Twitter is Now More Fun

Apr 2014
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Photo: @giuliafilonzi

You know Twitter as the micro-blogging social media channel. Maybe you’ve struggled with how to get your thoughts out in 140 characters or less. But now, that limited character count is taking a back seat to some new and improved photo sharing capabilities on the mobile app. You can now add up to four photos to a single tweet and for the first time, you can tag up to 10 friends in a Twitter photo, without taking away from your 140-character count.

The ability to upload multiple photos can be accessed the same way you’ve uploaded single pictures. Tap the little image icon on the bottom right of your new tweet screen (shown below) and select the photo(s) from your mobile device. The photos you add will appear as a four-part collage in your timeline. Once your tweet is posted, it will be shown as a collage to your followers and they can tap on certain photos to see the full-size image.

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The tagging feature is similar to the one you’ve probably used on Facebook. When you upload photos, simply tag the person you’d like to identify in that photo. A little “Who’s in this Photo” box appears below the photo and you can tap it and start typing in the name and select the user you’d like to tag (shown below). The user then gets a notification that they’ve been tagged and he/she can delete or modify the tag. Additionally, tagging someone in an image doesn’t count against your 140-character message limit, affording you more space to caption the photo you’re posting.

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You can customize notifications and privacy options for who can tag you inside the ‘Settings’ page in the app or on the web. To learn more about the photo settings, see Twitter’s Help Center.

These two new mobile features will create a more visually appealing tweet and make it easier to connect with your followers!

Have you tried out these new features yet?

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