Our Friends at Working Wardrobes Need Our Help

Feb 2020
Members of the KWSM Team with Working Wardrobes Founder Jerri Rosen.

Over the last decade, we have worked with hundreds of businesses and organizations at KWSM. One of our favorite parts of the job is that we develop long-term relationships with the companies we serve.  


When we help an organization tell their story, we become a part of their team. At KWSM, we are a family, and that relationship and connection extends beyond our internal team to include those we serve.


Recently, our long-time friends and partners at Working Wardrobes suffered a terrible loss. A four-alarm fire destroyed their Irvine headquarters. The losses were devastating – more than 15 million dollars in losses, including the building, equipment, office supplies, and thousands of articles of donated clothing.


The loss of a few million dollars in donated inventory is heartbreaking. These items, including suits, dresses, shoes and accessories, helped get people back on their feet.  They helped people regain their confidence, get back to work, and rebuild their lives. 


After 30-years of helping others, Working Wardrobes found themselves needing assistance from the community they serve. 


When we heard about the fire, we, like so many others, were looking for a way to help. 

We pooled our team’s PR, media, and marketing expertise to help get the message out to the public. 


The Working Wardrobes team, two Orange County Supervisors, and the Orange County Fire Authority spoke publicly the day after the fire at a press conference outside their donated temporary office, inside the Goodwill Fitness Center in Santa Ana.


At KWSM, it’s important to us to help Working Wardrobes rebuild, so they can continue the work of helping veterans and those who have faced setbacks get the training, wardrobe assistance, and confidence they need to re-enter the workforce. Working Wardrobes has helped 105,000 people since 1990, and they plan to touch the lives of 5,000 more people in 2020, despite the setbacks they’ve experienced.


The organization needs donations to replenish what has been lost. In an amazing show of support, the community has donated an overwhelming amount of clothing items. However, there are other needs to support the non-profit’s day-to-day operations.


  • department store shopping bags
  • garment bags
  • shoe racks
  • jewelry displays
  • 125 rolling racks
  • 55 laptops in very good condition
  • 10 iPads
  • 10 personal printers
  • 5 cases of copier paper
  • 12 extension cords
  • 50 notepads
  • 5 cases of sticky notes


KWSM is opening its doors as a donation center for south Orange County and will be collecting donated items to deliver to Working Wardrobes’ temporary location in Santa Ana. We will be making weekly donation trips and would greatly appreciate your contributions. 

Founder Jerri Rosen and the Working Wardrobes team have been there for the community, and they now need us to step up for them. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation for this important organization.


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