Orange County Restaurants Need Fresh Marketing Strategies as Businesses Reopen

May 2020

As Orange County, California enters into Phase 2 of reopening the community, many restaurants are quickly dusting off tables and reorganizing their outdoor patio seating. For months, some restaurants relied on curbside pick up and delivery services to survive, while others were forced to keep their doors locked throughout the quarantine. 


Restaurants had to pivot from normal operations to navigating the Safer-At-Home period, and now they are shuffling again to resume operations while also adhering to new health and safety mandates and guidelines. With these changes, they have been forced to transform their marketing strategies as well to stay ahead of the game. Now that these businesses have been given the OK to reopen, what’s the next step for restaurant marketing in Orange County


Put customers at ease

Adjusting to our “new normal” may mean that dining in at restaurants may look a bit different than what we are used to. This may cause customers to feel apprehensive about eating inside your restaurant, even if it is permitted. Sharing your plans to reduce the spread of coronavirus and ensure the health and safety of your customers and employees can help reassure them. You can share your protocols on social media showing how you safely prepare food and use single-use items, how your employees are wearing masks and properly sanitizing all workspaces and dining areas, and how your tables are safely distanced from each other. 


Create summer promotions

Whether it’s running a contest, creating a new dish, or bringing back an old one, finding ways to engage your audience on social media this summer can go a long way when it comes to creating and rekindling business. As customers start venturing outside again, you’ll want to plan ways to put your business in front of your target audience. Promoting sales, contests, and creating partnerships with other businesses are great ways to reach larger audiences online.  


Keep things positive

When it comes to online marketing – and marketing in general – it’s best to maintain a positive voice that others can turn to during times of chaos. Post messages with encouraging and optimistic language. Make sure your staff feels comfortable, informed, and encouraged to continue working during these unprecedented times. Find ways to ensure sure your customers feel welcome and at ease while dining with you. We are all in this together and should support each other as we transition into our “new normal” in the Orange County communities. 


A well-thought-out marketing strategy can push you ahead of the competition as restaurants rush to reopen their doors.

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