National Social Media Day at the KWSM Office

Jun 2017

Our favorite holiday is among us, and here at KWSM, we’re celebrating in a very special way. June 30th is National Social Media Day, a day dedicated to what we love most! In 2010, the digital media website Mashable launched Social Media Day to recognize the online platforms responsible for transforming the way people connect and stay in touch. While every day is Social Media Day at our office, we’re taking advantage of the special occasion to share our knowledge of social media with you to help your business!

Why It’s Important  

Social media has changed the way people communicate forever. Never before has there been a place to connect with friends, family, public figures, or businesses instantly. Social Media created that place, and it continues to grow! Just this week, Facebook accomplished a monumental feat, reaching 2 billion active monthly users, a number that has doubled in just 5 years. You may not realize it, but social media has affected many aspects of daily life. Today, social media influences our purchasing habits, changes the way we receive news, and gives people a platform to publicly share their thoughts, opinions, and emotions. But it doesn’t end there! Social Media has given companies a way to connect with their customers and gain feedback like never before. Now, businesses have the ability to reach out to their clients and provide service based on the feedback they receive.

How You Can Participate

Friday, June 30th, is a very special day for all of us at Katie Wagner Social Media and we want you to be involved! Celebrate the big day with us as we open our “Social Media Help Desk” for all of you! From 9:00 am-4:00 pm, stop by our office for a free 15-minute social media consultation. We’ll answer your social media questions, help you identify trouble spots on your channels, or give you advice on anything your company is struggling with online. During the day, you’ll be able to sit down with one of our social media content editors or web designers for a one-on-one tutorial, which you can apply to your company’s social media strategy. So come on by – we’d love to have you, and help us celebrate our favorite day of the year, National Social Media Day 2017.




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