Marketing Ideas to Help Your Las Vegas Gym Thrive

Aug 2020

As an entertainment destination, Las Vegas is known for its unique fitness businesses that appeal to both locals and tourists. From pole studios to acrobatic facilities to boot camps and mega gyms, the Las Vegas fitness industry is always active. Unfortunately, many gyms have experienced difficulties keeping their doors open during the past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many clients have canceled their memberships and gym owners are looking for new avenues to reach Las Vegas fitness enthusiasts. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy and help your Las Vegas gym thrive in this environment.

Reach Your Customers On Social Media

If your gym has experienced a dip in customers, using online methods to reach them may be your most ideal option. There are simple ways to keep your customers engaged by using Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Groups. On your business Facebook page, create a calendar of content that allows you to post about your business regularly and let customers know what safety measures you are implementing. Consider also doing features on your members and coaches on your gym’s Instagram profile and Facebook page as well. 

You can also use your business pages to encourage members to join a private Facebook group where they can actively participate in conversations with your gym and other members. Several local gyms like Tough Mudder Bootcamp have found success in using Facebook to stay connected with their current members and encourage more people to join their tribe.

Offer A Virtual Workout Contest

Although not all of your members are comfortable working out in a public setting, they may still be looking for ways to stay fit. Zoom is a great option your gym can use to host a virtual workout or even contest. You can share these live Zoom links with members and even post them in your private Facebook group. This way, members still get the community aspect of the gym from the comfort of their own home.

Keep both new and old members intrigued by creating a workout competition that will help them meet their fitness goals. Reach out to current members that have not recently visited the gym or have paused their accounts and offer them a discounted membership that is part of the bigger fitness contest. Host workouts on Zoom so other members can work towards their goals together. You can also reach new members by offering the same deal. Consider throwing in virtual one-on-one sessions with your coaches to give members an exclusive fitness experience.

Whether your business has one location or multiple facilities across the Las Vegas valley, a strong marketing strategy for your gym can help bring in new customers and keep your current members coming back for more.


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