Making Email Marketing Work for Your Business

Aug 2020

Don’t hit send yet! Email marketing is a great tool to guide customers down the path to conversion, but it is only effective if focused around specific goals. Here are some tips to help you create a compelling campaign


Segment Your Audience


Your whole list of email addresses is a great starting point, but you should narrow your list down before you send the email. You should create separate lists for new customers, past customers, and people who are aware of your brand but have not made a purchase to address their specific place on the path to conversion. The number of people who will receive the email may be smaller, but the goal should be to target a smaller audience who will be more engaged with the email offer. For example, a new customer needs a welcome email while someone who has previously purchased something on your site could leave a review or see similar items on sale. 


Organize Information through Hierarchy


The content within an email marketing campaign should be formatted like an upside-down pyramid with the most important information, news, or offer at the top. The other information should follow in a ranked order, with the least important at the bottom. This structure allows readers to get what they want from the email before they lose interest. 


Plan Ahead to Follow Up


Once you decide which information is the most important, you can plan future emails that will build on the information in the first. You should use the hierarchy structure for each email and set goals for what each email should encourage the audience to do. Remember, you want to constantly move your readers closer to conversion.


Create a Clean Design


When you design the template for your emails, you should use a clean, minimalist design so that information is easy to find and follow. White space can help you break up visuals and text so that the email does not seem cluttered. 



Use Mobile-Friendly Formatting


Sixty percent of emails are read on a mobile device, so your template should accommodate these readers. Create several versions of the email to see which one looks best on a phone. 


Include Valuable Content


The text of your email should tell the story of your brand while furthering consumers’ knowledge of your products, services or current offers. You can also include other materials that can help you share more information and track engagement within the email. A few options for these materials include videos, eBooks, downloadables, case studies and webinars. 


Add User-Generated or Influencer Content


Customers are 92% more likely to trust a recommendation from another customer than an advertisement. You can use user-generated content and influencers with a similar audience to encourage your leads to trust your company. 


Personalize Content for Your Audience


Personalization can come in a variety of forms in an email. You can include the customer’s name, add a signature from a leader in your company.


Schedule Emails Strategically


Triggered email follow-ups tend to get higher click-through rates than randomly scheduled newsletters, but you should look up industry-specific data to ensure you are reaching people at a good time. You do not want your customers to skip over your email just because of bad timing. 


Test the Campaign 


Once your campaign is ready to go, send out test emails for one last check. You can also make changes to the emails as your campaign progresses to see which changes are more effective. However, make sure you only change one element each time so that you can pinpoint the successes and failures. 


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