Make Your Landing Page A Launch Pad For Your Business

Jun 2018
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Whether you run a Fortune 500 company, or you’re the brains and brawn behind a small or mid-sized business, your goal is the same: Success. Getting there often requires many approaches, and there’s no doubt your website, and more specifically, the landing page, are keys to accomplishing the mission.  Here’s the countdown to turning your landing page into the launch pad for your business.



If you have a lot of information on your page, your target may have a harder time finding what they seek.   At the bare minimum, a landing page serves as the home base for that audience, helping them cut through the rest of your products.   If you sell women’s shoes and you want to move high heels, you don’t want your audience fumbling through pages of slippers and sneakers.  Ultimately, they’ll kick your page to the curb and look elsewhere if they aren’t immediately taken to the Manolos. Having a clear-cut home helps direct specific people to specific content.  They will embrace your landing page and be prepared to shop with comfort.



Chances are, your main website will remain static as the days and months pass.  It serves as the informative piece for all of your products and services. But sometimes you want a change.  Perhaps you employ a slider or rotating banner images. Others may employ landing pages. For example, if you’re selling raincoats in winter or swimsuits in summer, you will want your theme to match the content you are producing.  You would never want to be pitching someone on summer fashion only for them to arrive at a page on your site that’s moving sweaters and jackets. Landing pages are perfect for capturing a feeling or moment, and they encourage an action on that page in line with that theme.



Along with seasonal themes come seasonal sales for e-commerce businesses.  If you are packaging a promotion for the holidays, a customer expects that they can pretty much one-click their way through the process.  If you ask them to build a shopping cart of multiple items in order to get a discount, they may say, “thanks, but no thanks.” A landing page can be a great tool for packaging up your products and making the buying process smooth and easy.  You entice them with a promotion, they click through, and now the key is to make the purchase process automatic. Don’t worry about them missing the other 79 pages of your website. You can always reroute them after the purchase with another enticement.



You didn’t think we’d neglect the B2B audience, did you?  Landing pages are all about leads! Whether it’s a contact form or downloadable content to gather emails, your landing page is a magnet for all of those people searching for answers, information, and services.  We all know, time is of the essence, especially in the business world. Having one page with clear and concise messaging can make the difference between a warm lead moving on and them hitting the contact form with perhaps a need that you can fulfill for years to come.  Don’t turn away business by not having a landing page.


One… Lift Off

There is nothing more important to the success of your business than data.  A landing page is an integral part of the integrated marketing you do. By sending audiences to specific optimized landing pages, you can track how that page performs in comparison with other pages.  After all, you’ve committed a sizeable spend to Google display and PPC campaigns, and perhaps you’re running social ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. You want to make sure that those leads aren’t just arriving at a home page.   Drive them to a page that’s right for them, and see if they take action. Measure the time on the site, and if they utilize the call to action. This information is priceless. In the short term, the data helps you make tweaks to the page itself.  In the long term, you begin to understand how various target sectors play out. This will help you build strategic marketing campaigns that are the most effective for your marketing budget.


A landing page is critical to the success of your strategy, but it all starts with your main website.  Are you looking to build one, or perhaps you need a refresh? We can help.

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