Instagram is Making a Major Change While Facebook Says Goodbye To Its Trending Section

Jun 2018

Instagram is once again expanding your capabilities when it comes to video, while LinkedIn introduces a detailed location-based service called Your Commute.  Facebook offers a fond farewell to its Trending news section. These are a few of the social media stories making news this week.

Longer Videos Are Coming to Instagram

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Can’t say we didn’t see this coming! According to the The Wall Street Journal, Instagram will soon offer a space for scripted shows and music videos similar to what is seen on YouTube. The average user will be able to upload longer videos, but it’s focusing much of its efforts with this new feature towards influencers and video creators and competing with YouTube and Snapchat Discover.


Instagram intends to keep its focus on five to 15-minute quality videos that are shot with a nice camera and lighting –no huge production crew necessary. And eventually creators and publishers will be able to earn money, but nothing has been solidified as to how or when Instagram plans to roll out ads. But, the videos will feature the swipe-up option to open a link, to help creators drive traffic to their websites, e-commerce stores or event ticketing.


There’s no word as to when Instagram will officially announce the new feature. If you are thinking of introducing Instagram videos into your marketing strategy, here are tips on how you can Help Your Stories Stand Out With Instagram Type Modes.


LinkedIn Introduces Your Commute

LinkedIn has officially rolled out its location-based feature called Your Commute to its mobile app worldwide. LinkedIn already allows members to specify a location so that it can better provide relevant job opportunities. Your Commute allows job seekers to check out the location and commute to specific businesses to help them decide if they would want to work there.  Bing Maps will provide the location and navigation, but in an effort to appeal to more users, you can see a company’s specific location by opening the navigation in other maps.


According to a recent LinkedIn study, 85% of professional would take a pay cut for a shorter commute. “Our members have indicated that the location of a job — and the commute time associated with it — is a big factor in their decision-making process when considering new roles, and we know commute times are getting longer across the board according to recent research from Gallup,” Dan Li, LinkedIn Senior Product Manager, told TechCrunch. We think this is a smart move in the right direction for LinkedIn, but tell us your thoughts on the new feature?


Say Goodbye to Facebook’s Trending Feature

Facebook is getting rid of its Trending news section on its website and mobile app to make way for other news experiences. There has been an increase in users consuming news via mobile and video, and it wants to steer its focus in that direction. It’s exploring ways to help people stay informed about up-to-the-minute news events. Here’s what it plans to include:


  • Working with 80 news teams to add a Breaking News label to posts on in the News Feed
  • Testing out “Today In” to connect users to the latest news from their local newsroom in their city along with updates from local officials and organizations that have a Facebook page
  • Hosting live coverage, news briefings, and news recaps exclusive to the platform


Facebook was highly criticised for the legitimacy of the content in their Trending section. Using the injection tool, there was news being added that wasn’t necessarily trending, so to say this feature has caused a headache for the company is an understatement. Do you think Facebook’s plan to add in features like Breaking News and Today In is going to help to build trust with its users?

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