Live Marketing Q & A Session With KWSM Team: Steps You Can Take Now for a Strong Post-COVID Recovery

Apr 2020

Businesses big and small have been forced to switch gears and adjust to the changes brought by COVID-19. New offers and services have been quickly arranged in order for companies to stay afloat. While everyone is experiencing these times of uncertainty, the good news is that the coronavirus outbreak will not last forever.


When life returns to normal, will your business be well prepared or behind schedule? 


Your strategy for recovery is just as important – if not more important – as your current COVID-19 strategy. Take the time to invest in your business to determine how you will attract new customers, retain your current clients, and set yourself apart from your competition as things return to normal. 


Expand Your Marketing Knowledge 

Prepping for recovery involves putting in the work now. Dedicate time and energy to expanding your knowledge of effective marketing strategies. By investing in your marketing plan, you could discover new ways to enhance your digital presence. Come back with fresh ideas, campaigns, and unique approaches that your business has not tried in the past. 


Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

As businesses focus on creating a plan to get through the pandemic, now is the ideal time to take advantage of learning new ways to grow through digital marketing. When normal activity returns and your competitors are back in the game, your business should already have a strategy in place. Be prepared for your relaunch. Don’t wait until it’s too late and fall behind.  


Learn From Our Panel Of Experts

Is your business ready to come out of this situation stronger than ever?

Join us for a live webinar this Wednesday, April 28th from 12:00 – 12:45 p.m. PST to learn how you can create a healthy recovery with the right marketing plan. We will be discussing the steps your business should be taking now to get ahead of your competition and ramp up quickly as we recover from the pandemic. We’ll answer your questions about ongoing strategies and tactics that work during these uncertain times, and beyond.


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When coronavirus ends, don’t be forced to start from scratch while rebuilding your marketing strategy. Construct a solid plan now that will get you back on track quickly. 



Do you need help pivoting your marketing for life after the COVID-19 pandemic?

At KWSM, we develop fully-customized strategies based on your unique needs, and then we execute the plan for you on a daily basis. You run your business; we run your online marketing.

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