LIVE from Katie Wagner Social Media, It’s the Social Media Help Desk! | Social Media Help Desk Episode 15

May 2018

This week, Managing Content Editor Jeff Soto sat down with Assistant Project Manager Alexandra Denton and Content Editor Melissa Emnas to discuss the latest trending news and tips, from how to improve the customer experience on your website to maintaining an appropriate brand personality online.


As the face of your brand, what you do on social media matters. This week’s panel addressed how expressing your opinion online reflects on your business and more of the latest digital media news!


This Just In


The team kicked things off discussing the infamous and controversial Roseanne Barr tweet, which resulted in the cancelation of her ABC show.   Twitter then became the platform for the rest of world to discuss the insensitive remark. This is another example of beware what you say on any social media platform.


The Website Experience


Does your website cater to the customer experience? Alexandra broke down her best advice for improving a company’s website. Brand consistency, navigation, and website innovation stand out as the most important elements you should be focusing on. Think you’re hitting the mark?


All of the Reasons Why…


Video is a major component in nearly every form of online marketing. From websites to social content, video is front and center. In lieu of the premiere of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, Melissa laid out all 13 reasons why you need to incorporate video. It’s easy to digest, humanizes your brand, and shows your productions in action!


One of the biggest stories of the week revolves around Instagram’s newest announcement – the launch of the mute feature. In an effort to personalize user’s feeds, Instagram will allow you to remove specific accounts’ posts and stories from your news feed without unfollowing them completely. This week’s panel discussed their thoughts on the newest addition and weighed in on whether this change is a good thing for the platform.


Every Social Media Help Desk dives deep into the week’s news and topics. Watch all this and more from this Tuesday’s show!

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