LinkedIn To Serve Up Profile Data To Website Owners

Jul 2017
LinkedIn To Serve Up Profile Data To Website Owners
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 They say revenge is a dish serve cold, but when it comes to user data, Linkedin prefers to serve theirs anonymously.

A new demographics tool is giving website owners and businesses deeper insight into just who exactly is interacting with their brand.

Meanwhile, YouTube is making it tougher for creators to monetize off of their videos, and Facebook is making big changes to its Messenger platform with a focus on making it easier for users to interact with brands in this week’s social media trends.

YouTube Updates Content Guidelines

 As we all know, it’s not easy to make it big in Hollywood, and thanks to a new set of guidelines, becoming a successful YouTube star is now an uphill battle as well.

The popular video sharing platform has updated its content guidelines, making it even more difficult for users to monetize their original content.

Users will now only be allowed to run ads on their content after amassing 10,000 “lifetime” views.

Content is also going under the microscope, with YouTube limiting all content that is considered “hateful, inappropriate use of family content, and incendiary or demeaning.”

 While there is no doubt that YouTube has become a holy grail for social media influencers and online personalities, these new guidelines make it harder for up and coming artists to break into the mainstream.

 Facebook Messenger Breaks Down Advertising Walls

 It is now easier to connect with audiences on Facebook Messenger.

The newest features include tools such as built in natural language processing, chat extensions for global pages, new buttons and more.

So how do these tools really make a difference for marketers? It’s simple: Bots.

The new language detection systems that launched with the newest Messenger update will make it easier for bots to understand simple requests and demands, enabling them to better decipher things such as names, phone numbers, product questions, etc.

These updates will give marketers and brands the ability to create more intricate and personalized responses via automation directly to the consumer.

Who said machines and humans can’t coexist peacefully?

LinkedIn Taking Demographics To New Heights

 As a digital advertiser, we all know that one of the most important factors to any campaign is analytics.

LinkedIn will launch an upcoming demographics tool allowing companies to see data regarding who exactly is visiting their site via anonymous demographic reporting.

This new tool will allow business to analyze whether or not they are reaching the right audiences with useful information such as user job title or industry.

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