LinkedIn Company Page Sports a New Look pt 3

Nov 2012

As we have looked at the numerous changes to the LinkedIn Company pages, it is time to present the finale.  The site has not only made changes to the company page section, but massive site wide changes have been made as well. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn in a while, log on and check out some of the changes.  You can really improve you business’s brand image by using LinkedIn.

The final updates to the company pages allows for increased visibility on mobile apps as well as a analytics on who sees your posts.

Within your company’s page, the content you post now tracks the number of impressions each one receives.  This analytics metric is the first for LinkedIn.  Many other sites, most notably Facebook, provide the user with data to track and analyze how well posts do.  The feature on LinkedIn calculates automatically the so called “reach” of your company page posts and will also display the engagement if you decide to target your posts.

Targeting a post makes it so that you can also select who you want specifically to see your posts.  As you are about to post content, look for a drop down menu at the bottom of the box that allows you to either “share with everyone” or chose a “targeted audience.”  After 24 hours, the analytics are available on your posts and will tell you how many impression you have to how much engagement each post received.  It’s a very beneficial feature for companies to track their results and efficiency with LinkedIn.

With millions of mobile users in the US, LinkedIn released a full mobile app for the site.  It allows the user to log in to their account and perform many basic functions that LinkedIn has to offer.  However this most recent update increased the visibility of company pages to mobile app users.  You can now  view company pages that you follow; find and follow additional company pages; see how you’re connected to the company through your network; and view job openings, the latest company page updates and suggested or similar companies to follow—all from within the app.  This visibility greatly increases the value of having a LinkedIn Company page.  The visibility was also extends to iPad users just in time for the new releases of iPad mini’s.

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