Leverage Your Engaged Audience With Facebook’s New Targeting Feature!

Nov 2017

Facebook’s new ad targeting feature is a game changer, and it will help you better target users who are interested in your content. Introducing Engagement Custom Audiences. Engagement Custom Audiences work like similar custom audiences but targets users who have previously engaged with your content. This new feature allows you to narrow down the active part of your following, and specifically show your ads to those who are genuinely interested and more likely to purchase your product or services. Warm or hot leads are proven to convert better than “cold” leads, or people who have never heard of your company. Engagement Custom Audiences help you reach those warmer leads.


Engagement Custom Audiences target anyone who has interacted with a previous ad or post. To create an Engagement Custom Audience, navigate to “Create a Custom Audience” and select “Engagement.” From here, you will be able to define further how long ago you want the user to have engaged with your content, with a limit of 29 days. The types of engagements are broken down into the specifics of


  • Video
  • Lead Form
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Business Profile
  • Event


Using Custom Audiences to Remarket


The new feature works for Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network and can be used as a remarketing tool following Engagement ads or boosted posts. Start your campaign strategy with a 30-day engagement plan. Focus on the quality of your content and continue to boost posts as you nurture your growing audience. Then, retarget those who’ve engaged the last 30 days with the new custom audience feature.


As Facebook continues to roll out new features, it is important to stay informed about the fresh and new ways to market online. Lookalike audiences and custom audiences from your website are just a few more ways you can reach “warmer” leads. If you’re looking to improve your company’s marketing strategy and online presence, contact KWSM to learn more about how our services can help you.


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