Lack of Social Media Presence is Dangerous

Aug 2012

Did you read the Mashable article about how people without Facebook profiles are more likely to be psychopaths?

I have to admit, the article has some legitimate, though very broad, arguments, like how Internet use has now become such a normal social activity for humans, that not partaking in it can very well be a red flag.

Yes, it’s a generalization, and if it were true, I’d certainly have much to worry about; the two people closest to me—my boyfriend and my older sister—are both Facebook-less! However, the article incited some thoughts in my head, and I began thinking about how relevant it was to social media and businesses.

90% of employers look up a candidate’s online profiles before bringing him in for an interview. Why? Because social media gives employers the ability to assess someone’s digital life, which could possibly extrapolate to an assessment of the person in real life.

Now apply this to businesses. If your business doesn’t have a social media presence and your potential customers and clients go looking for you, they’ll find nothing. And often times, this is unsettling! Nowadays, everyone is on social media, so if you’re not, then people will assume that something fishy is going on.  Maybe people will think that you’re brand new to the scene, with little or no credibility. Or they might think that you’re not a real business at all.

Having a social media presence is crucial in this day and age. And having only a website just doesn’t cut it anymore—static, unchanging information on a website can quickly become outdated and useless. Even if your business has only a Facebook fan page, at least this gives you some kind of online presence and visibility if and when people search for you.

You have one chance to make an impression to your potential customers and clients—will you opt out of social media and choose not to make an impression at all, or do the best you can?

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