KWSM Celebrates The First Annual “Taylor Lizura Day”

May 2022

KWSMOn May 23, KWSM celebrated the 6-Year Workiversary of Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Taylor Lizura, who serves as the agency’s Manager of Content, Advertising, and Training. 


Last year, on her 5-Year workiversary, the agency declared May 23 to forever be known as “Taylor Lizura Day” – a day where all KWSM team members can celebrate and express gratitude for her exceptional leadership and loyalty. 


To recognize Taylor on this special day, I asked KWSM team members to share what they most admire and appreciate about her.

Here are some of their responses:


“Taylor embodies the KWSM culture in her work ethic, her steadfastness, and her commitment to our clients and the team. She is a tenacious problem solver, a driven executor, and a model of grace under pressure. I am grateful to work alongside her, and I’m continuously inspired by her leadership and passion.”

– President and CEO Katie Wagner


“Taylor is relentless in finding solutions to help both the team and clients.  She seamlessly moves clients into the ongoing management process after the brand and digital marketing strategy has been delivered. She embodies “Just Say Yes.” She has an incredible talent for balancing the support she offers her team with being in tune with our clients’ goals, offering them guidance and proactive solutions for their marketing. Taylor is part encyclopedia and part human search engine – if she doesn’t have an answer, she will find it!”

– Vice President of Strategy and Client Relations Jeff Soto


“Taylor has been a mentor from my very first day at KWSM. She’s inspired me to continue to push through challenges and helped me see the bigger picture when my focus was too narrow. And she played a huge role in encouraging me to pursue my current role as Senior Digital Marketing Strategist! She is always willing to jump in and support any way that she can – whether that’s taking a project off your plate, helping you find resources, or just being a listening ear, Taylor always makes herself available. This has inspired me to prioritize being a valuable resource for my team members as well. She truly helps lead our culture of collaboration. I know I can always go to her when I need help prioritizing what’s most important or need guidance on how to communicate clearly.  All of our clients know they can depend on Taylor. She comes prepared with ideas, solutions, and passion for our clients and their goals.” 

– Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Brianna Zambrano 


“Taylor has been a great help to me during my time at KWSM. She is always willing to answer any questions I have, and she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to digital marketing. Taylor is also an excellent mentor, and she has helped me to develop my skills in content creation and management. I admire Taylor for her dedication to her work, and for her commitment to helping her team members succeed. Taylor’s superpowers include her ability to effortlessly manage multiple projects at once, and her ability to quickly solve problems. These strengths are extremely valuable to our clients and to the content department. From a personal standpoint, I appreciate Taylor’s friendly and down-to-earth personality. She’s always quick to make me smile! Taylor is an amazing member of the KWSM Team, and I am grateful to work with her.”

– Digital Marketing Strategist David Jones


“Taylor has been an excellent guide and source of encouragement for me since day one. She is passionate about KWSM and is dedicated to the success of our team in everything we do. When I need help navigating agency standards or our internal processes, Taylor is always quick to answer and help me meet my goals. One of the coolest things about Taylor is her passion for books and I love when we get the chance to discuss our favorite novels together. I’m very grateful to know her and learn from her leadership!“

– Junior Copywriter Ashlee Bagnell 


Thank You, Taylor!

It’s not every day that you come across a leader who is as strong, clever, intelligent, driven, and confident as they are patient, fair, empathetic, communicative, and kind. We are lucky to have all of those things in Taylor. I have incredible admiration for her as a pinnacle of strong female leadership.


Thank you, Taylor, for the countless ways you make your colleagues feel safe, motivated, capable, and encouraged. We are all grateful for your unwavering loyalty to our team and to our clients. 


Until next year, Happy Taylor Lizura Day!



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