KWSM Atlanta Welcomes New Team Members!

Aug 2020

KWSM has recently brought on four new members to our digital marketing team in Atlanta! We are incredibly fortunate to continue growing our team in the midst of COVID-19, and we look forward to serving more Atlanta businesses who are pivoting their marketing efforts amid the pandemic.


In the last month, we have welcomed:

  • Sarah and Jason: digital marketing specialists
  • Mary Martin: a junior digital marketing specialist
  • Madeleine: a junior web designer


Sarah is a vicious editor, an analytics guru, a lover of the SEO game, and a writing fiend. Jason is all about digital strategy — seeking how to optimize paid search and tell a brand’s story across multiple channels. With Mary Martin’s background in journalism, it’s no surprise that she thrives in long-form writing and research for materials like blogs, as well as networking on behalf of clients to grow and nurture their professional relationships. As for Madeleine, her love of storytelling is expressed visually through website and graphic design — she’s always staying up-to-date on the latest tricks in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva.


Company culture is very important to us here at KWSM. With so much daily interaction among our team members (via Zoom for the time being), we look for individuals who are passionate about their work, interested in a collaborative environment, and excited to get social with us. These attributes are so ingrained in our company, we even included them in our core values!


And we don’t stop there. In an effort to better understand the dynamic personalities that make up the KWSM team, applicants are asked to take the 16 Personalities Test so we can see which strengths they would bring to our team!


PS.) Personality tests and polls are big for us here. This week’s poll was “What is your favorite non-water beverage?” So far our answers consist of coffee (duh), Coca‑Cola Cherry Zero from a fountain, and kombucha! 




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