Keeping Your Brand Consistently Recognized

Oct 2018

If your brand isn’t consistent across all of your social media platforms, then it can get lost or unrecognized. For example, if your brand has different logos on social media when compared to your website, it will be harder for your website visitors to recognize that it’s the same business.


That’s why brand consistency is so important. In fact, keeping your brand consistent on all of the platforms you use can increase revenue by up to 23 percent. When your brand uses the same logo and colors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it becomes so much easier for customers to be able to find you and more importantly recognize you.


Recognition is a part of the trust, and in the process of doing business with potential customers, they must always first recognize you before ever considering using your product or services. Optimizing your website for your brand is also a large part of remaining consistent. When you can keep the same consistent design, style, and look to your website and social media platforms, your brand becomes instantly recognizable to new and existing customers.


Since every social media marketing campaign is tied into your web presence, having a great looking and matching website will go a long way to your business’ success. When your customers see your business’ posts on social media, they will want to go to your business’ website. If there isn’t a match between the website and the social media accounts, then the visitor to your website might be very confused. Confusion is definitely not what most businesses want their potential customers to feel when they visit their website. Fortunately, you can make your business website and social media look consistent without breaking the bank.


There is a large amount of free and easy to upload templates or themes for you to build or maintain a website, but they aren’t always best. Think of it like a suit bought off the rack compared to a tailored suit. Sure the suit bought off the rack was inexpensive, but the tailored suit just looks so much better. Treating your website in the same way makes sure that your customers see the quality, value, and the consistency in your website and all marketing platforms.


That’s why getting the experienced team of developers at KWSM to work on your website is a great idea. With over 8 years of experience, KWSM has the technical knowledge to make your site look amazing, load quickly, and give your customers what they are looking for. We’ll tell your story, so your customers understand it.


How well does your website tell your story?

Today’s consumers expect to have a flawless experience on the Internet. They want to shift seamlessly from their mobile devices to their laptops without ever missing a beat. Your website must be ready.

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