Jameson Capitalizes on St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 2016
Jameson Capitalizes on St. Patrick's Day
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Easter is still a week away but the latest social media changes could have you laying an egg just in time for the annual hunt! A well-known whiskey brand took its libations online, Instagram is reorganizing its look, and landing your dream job might soon be a tad bit easier. Here’s a look at what you might’ve missed in social media news this week!

Jameson Capitalizes on St. Patrick’s Day

You could call it a snap-shot! Jameson Whiskey was in the mood for some digital debauchery on Snapchat in the form of a new filter that featured a Jameson bottle, shot glass, and St. Patrick’s Day banner. Thursday’s filter wasn’t just fun, it was also the first time an alcohol company bought a national Snapchat geofilter with an age-gated feature for people 21 and over. The vanishing photo app first launched custom geofilters last month and major brands like IHOP, Spotify, and Samsung have already taken advantage of it. The iconic alcohol company started running ads on Snapchat around Thanksgiving to promote their Black Barrel Whiskey.

Instagram Algorithm

Your favorite photo-focused platform wants to prioritize which friend’s selfie you see first. Instagram announced an algorithm feature that will potentially start filtering your feed. “As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most,” the company explained in a blog post. Instagram believes the average user misses 70 percent of what’s going on in their feed. Earlier this year, Twitter tinkered with the idea of switching to a non-chronological timeline but was quickly berated with backlash from faithful followers. Officials say you can expect to see an algorithm on Instagram in the next few months.

LinkedIn Launches New Tool for Job Seekers

The world’s largest professional networking site not only wants to help you land your dream job, they want to connect you with training programs that will prepare you for it. Training Finder is a tool aimed at users with high school diplomas and some or no college experience. This stepping-stone will show users nearby training programs that are affiliated with or relevant to their desired employer’s requirements. The new service is currently going through a test run in Phoenix and Denver.

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