Is Instagram Saying Goodbye to Likes? | Social Media Help Desk Episode 57

May 2019

Nothing speaks more to the cultural significance of social media than when one of the “big players” in the industry releases news of a change coming to the platform and the internet freaks out. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our host Katie Wagner is sitting down with content editors Layla Lameijer and Ivana Hermida to discuss the week’s trending social media stories, including Instagram’s controversial choice to change who can see “likes” on their platform, along with this week’s featured topics, the importance of website plugins, and who should be using promoted pins on Instagram.


This week, we’re kicking things off discussing the top stories that came out about social media. Big changes are coming to both Facebook and its sister platform Instagram, including the decision to test removing Instagram “likes” from the public. This has been widely debated since the news broke and has elicited quite the response from Instagram users, particularly influencers who make money off of the platform. The team is discussing the pros and cons of this, along with their thoughts on Instagram Stories new feature and Snapchat’s latest ad regulations.


Ivana then leads the conversation with her thoughts on Pinterest ads, also known as “promoted pins.” Depending on your target demographic and industry, promoted pins could be the key you’re missing in your digital strategy. Ivana breaks down everything you need to know about the ads, who should be running them, and what value you can gain out of advertising on the platform.


KWSM is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in everything from social media management to website design. With website design comes website management, one of the most important elements of this being website plug-ins. Layla is sharing her expertise on the topic and how plug-ins are vital to the success of your website.


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