Instagram Tips For Fitness Professionals

Dec 2015
PC: @nikerunning
PC: @nikerunning

There are countless opportunities for fitness professionals to use Instagram to their advantage. The image-based app allows individuals and businesses to visually promote their brand as well as easily connect and share with others, making it the perfect platform for showcasing a fitness brand.

Here are some tips fitness professionals can use when creating content for their Instagram feeds:


Lay It Down

If your brand has merchandise, try arranging it in a flat lay photo. Mix your gym shirts and tanks with other big-name fitness brand apparel and products to create complete outfits. Not only does this align your brand with companies you admire, it also gives a lifestyle representation of your merchandise. Workout essentials? Check.

Shout It Out

Has someone at your gym really crushed it this week? Has a follower shared a photo celebrating their progress? Reposting your followers’ photos (with their permission, of course) shows your followers you’re genuinely interested in them and also provides you with user-generated content you don’t need to create yourself!

Keep It Real

While promoting your fitness brand in the world of social media, it would be easy to portray a strict regime of clean eating, constant gym time, and amazing results. However this can be intimidating to some, and being genuine with your followers can have its benefits as well. People connect with people, which is why when followers find a fitness professional who isn’t afraid to proudly declare their love for pizza, they get excited about that brand. Were you tired, but still pushed through to workout? Did one of your gym members just come up with the most delicious green smoothie recipe? Creating a human connection with your Instagram followers not only helps them take a genuine interest in your brand, but can also help them set realistic goals for themselves.


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